We have various facilities available to provide coaching. Depending upon the numbers of kids/ players of a particular area, we will arrange time and an appropriate facility for coaching classes (minimum 2 and maximum 10 kids/ players per session).Participants needs to complete a registration form(see registration link to contact) and then the Academy will provide you a schedule.

Please copy the registration form, fill it out and then send it to the Director.

 It is very important for each and every parent or guardian of Junior players (up to under 18 years) to sign the Declaration part, which is given at the bottom of the Registration Form

Clubs and teams those who are interested in coaching can contact National Cricket Academy directly or fill out a registration form and the Academy will contact them to arrange a meeting.

 Registration Fees

Teams/ Clubs $ 100 (per session- 2 hrs.)
Schools As per Board agreement
College/ Universities As per College/ University department agreement
Monthly $ 100