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The National Cricket Academy, Toronto provides coaching to kids, youth and clubs as well as conducts quality coaching certification programmes for coaches in Canada.

The main aim of National Cricket Academy is to help players to develop their skills and fitness levels to face the challenges of National and International level cricket.

The activities covered at National Cricket Academy include

  • Skill development sessions through drills and net practice.
  • Offer the latest technical developments via biomechanical analysis
  • Practice matches held periodically to develop game sense and tactical skills.
  • Physical fitness with conditioning sessions.
  • Provide development programmes for individuals, groups and teams
  • Mental skill development.
  • Teaching Laws of the Game.
  • Motivational talks by professionals.
  • Injury prevention.
  • Conducts coaching certification programmes for coaches in Canada
  • Umpiring seminars
  • Conduct NCCP Workshops